Roland Harvesting
Alan Roland
455 County Road 65
Hemingford, Nebraska 69348

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In 1978 Alan Roland graduated from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, California.† He graduated top of his class with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanized Agriculture Degree.† Upon completion of college, Alan returned to the family farm in Hemingford, Nebraska.†

During the summer of 1978 he purchased his first combine (a New Holland TR '70) and harvested wheat, corn, and edible beans in the local area. In 1979 a local custom harvester, Leonard Thomas, from Alliance, Nebraska asked Alan to accompany him on harvest. Leonard had been doing custom harvesting since the 1940's and was in the process of swapping his conventional combines to the new rotary combines that came into existence.† Alan's background and familiarity with the New Holland machines allowed him to successfully assist Leonard with this change. Alan and Leonard operated a custom harvesting business together for the next two years. They traveled to southern Oklahoma to combine wheat and went as far north as Hemingford; finally, they headed to San Luis Valley in Colorado to combine malting barley for Coors.
Roland Harvesting is currently operating two CR 8090 combines and one CR 9060 - all with 36 foot draper headers. A 28 foot stripper header is also available for use. In addition, they have 3 semis and grain trailers to haul the grain.† A tractor and grain cart are also brought on the road to help with the harvest, along with a service truck that assists with maintenance of the machinery.

Roland Harvesting is proud to state they have owned and operated New Holland twin rotor combines since their introduction in 1977!

Alan and Loretta's family members frequently help out the operation by moving and operating equipment, running meals to the field, and delivering parts when needed.† Over the years, Alan and Loretta's immediate family has grown with their three children: Ashley, Megan and Brandon. They have been raised on their family farm and have been involved in the harvesting operation from birth.†For them, responsibility was learned at a young age.† They have all spent many summers on the road as part of the harvest crew.† Harvest is a very important aspect of the Roland's lives and has provided countless memories, adventures, and experiences.

Brandon has become a crucial asset to the company and often oversees the crew on his own. He is currently majoring in Agricultural Communications at the University of Wyoming and spends every summer fully engaged in the harvest operation. Brandon has a strong desire to return to Hemingford after graduation and plans to pursue a career in agriculture through Roland Harvesting.

In 1981, Alan purchased his second New Holland TR '70 combine.† Alan and his crew headed south to Vernon, Texas to continue custom harvesting work on his own.† The crew followed the wheat harvest north through Oklahoma, Kansas, and back home to Nebraska.†

In 1983, Alan was married to Loretta Fraser. Loretta then accompanied him on the road to follow the wheat harvest for many summers. At this point, after wheat harvest in Hemingford, they began to travel to Riverton, Wyoming to harvest malting barley for Coors and Anheuser Busch.
Roland Harvesting
455 County Road 65
Hemingford, Nebraska 69348

Alan's Cell : (308) 760-0396   
Brandon's Cell : (308) 760-9095   
Home Phone : (308) 487-3545

Roland Family 2014: Brandon, Loretta, Alan, Megan, Ashley and Kurt
Every summer Roland Harvesting heads south to Texas and works their way north through Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and back to Hemingford as they follow the wheat harvest. In August, they travel to North Dakota to complete the wheat run and into Wyoming to harvest malting barley.†The season is finished in late fall with corn, bean, millet, and sunflower harvest in the panhandle of Nebraska. Roland Harvesting is thankful for all their loyal customers and continues to look for new job opportunities.

Cousins, James and Brandon Roland, head back to their combines to continue harvesting.
Harvesters are some of the last inhabitants of the frontier. Following in our ancestors footsteps, we continually move with the land in an attempt to make a living.  Itís amazing to think we are one of the final generations to live in this manner. Since 2011 Roland Harvesting has been helping to document and share this unique lifestyle through All Aboard Wheat Harvest (sponsored by High Plains Journal and various other agricultural companies). Megan shares the everyday life, challenges, and triumphs that Roland Harvesting experiences throughout the summer. To continue exploring Roland Harvesting visit:

For over 35 years Roland Harvesting has operated Twin Rotor New Holland combines and continues to updates their equipment.
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Roland Harvesting Crew: Megan, Kasey, Brandon, Alan, Jose, and Eric
Family Owned and Operated for over 35 Years!